Wilkinsburg Youth Reporters Visit Village at Pennwood

By Shawn Stubbs – 11th Grade, Wilkinsburg High School and Brandon Parker – 10th Grade, Woodland Hills High School 


On Thursday, July 23, we visited the retirement community Village at Pennwood. We first met Ms. Kim. She was really nice, and she gave us pizza and drinks before she introduced us to some of the residents.

The first resident we met was from New Jersey. She moved to Pittsburgh at the age of 12, and she likes to smoke with her sister.

The final resident we met was Mr. Dickerson. He was a very interesting person who was full of great stories that he was more than willing to share. He told us he had three jobs growing up. The first job was cleaning up a hot dog shop. In his second job, he managed to climb the ranks and become a supervisor. Last but not least, he worked as a dry cleaner. He was a great guy, and it was a great experience. His last message to us before we left was to be obedient to your parents and have faith in god.

We had learned a lot and really enjoyed speaking to Mr. Dickerson.




Shawn Stubbs

Shawn Stubbs is in 11th Grade at Wilkinsburg High School.  He likes music and wants to learn how to play a few instruments. He writes poetry, draws, and plays basketball.  He is really interested in science and math.








IMG_0749Brandon Parker is in 10th grade at Woodland Hills High School.  He is 15 years old and lives in Swissvale. Brandon likes to play football and basketball and play music.  His hope for the future is to attend the University of Maryland for business or pro sports. After that, he hopes to move to Atlanta and have his own business.

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