MIT idea expands into Carnegie Science Center program

Russell Finelsen 2By Russell Finelsen - 10th Grade, Bethel Park High School
In a room behind a green wall in the Highmark SportsWorks building at the Carnegie Science Center, nine students worked diligently to create a box. However, this was not just any ordinary box. This box was to be created by lasers, according to the students' own designs. Read more [...]

Propelling STEM Girlz Toward Innovation

photoBy Grace Jin - 12th Grade, North Allegheny Senior High School
As one of only four girls in my AP Physics class, I can attest to the fact that women today are still underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. However, the movement to empower female scientists Read more [...]

Creativity Creates Community at the Mattress Factory

Emma Paulini 2By Emma Paulini - 11th Grade, Fox Chapel Area High School Teen artists at the Mattress Factory Art Museum's Summer Art Cooperative are engaged in creating unique art -- here, material cob sculptures with a guest artist. Read more [...]

Urban Explorers Make Eco-Friendly Footprints

Zainab Adisa 1Loren Perry 1By Zainab Adisa - 11th Grade, Pittsburgh CAPA and Loren Perry - 9th Grade, West Allegheny High School
During the two-week summer program at Assemble called Urban Eco-Explorers, two groups of children studied the environment through Read more [...]

Shining the Spotlight on Theater

Stephanie Wang 2By Stephanie Wang - 11th Grade, Peters Township High School
The amount of work to produce a theater production is monumental. Who will play the different roles? What the costumes look like? Who will design the set?  The process of answering these questions can take months. However, Pittsburgh CLO summer camps Read more [...]

The ReMakers Playshop: A Lesson in Sewing and Sustainability

Arwen KozakBy Arwen Kozak - 11th Grade, Pittsburgh CAPA
On July 9, a small group of eager participants gathered at the Center for Creative Reuse for the ReMakers Playshop to learn about upcycling, sewing, and sustainability.  Children ages 10-17 learned how to create a handmade bag using an old t-shirt.  Click through the photo story Read more [...]

Teens Find a Creative Home at the Mattress Factory

IMG_7695By Serena Zets - 10th Grade, Pittsburgh CAPA
The first thing you notice when you enter the residency space at the Mattress Factory Art Museum is a sign posted with a list of rules, such as: treat yo’ self, practice reckless optimism, check Read more [...]

Teens Find Fashion Inspiration

Vera Fisk 1By Vera Fisk - 10th Grade, Pittsburgh Obama Academy
The Carnegie Library in Oakland holds tons of activities for students of all ages. Every Tuesday and Wednesday in the summer, teens have the opportunity to learn an array of skills and knowledge through “The Labs.” Sometimes the workshops are Read more [...]

Creating the Next Generation of Steven Spielbergs

Stephanie Wang 2By Stephanie Wang - 11th Grade, Peters Township High School
What if you had the opportunity to make a movie? What would you make it about? How would you write it? How would you shoot the film? These are all questions participants of the Digital Filmmaking Camp, organized by the Pittsburgh Filmmakers Youth Media, have to answer Read more [...]

How to Capture Each Moment of Life

Fiona Grace Lubold 2By Fiona Lubold - 11th Grade, North Hills Senior High School
First there’s the click.  Then the flutter of the shutter.  Then the smile on the face of the photographer who has just captured a precious moment. Monday, July 13 was the first day of “Foundations of Photography” at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, located on Read more [...]