A Taste of Italy Right Here in Pittsburgh

Emma PauliniBy Emma Paulini - 11th Grade, Fox Chapel Area High School From Asian markets in the Strip District to Polish food in Deutschtown, Pittsburgh is a cultural hub where people from all over the world visit, work, and live.  Young people are also able to experience a little bit of Italy at Mondo Italiano Centro di Cultura Italiana.   Read more [...]

Fashionistas Walk The Runway at Beauty of S.T.E.M.

Dejah Burke 2By Dejah Burke - 10th Grade, Propel Braddock Hills High School For young fashionistas ages 10 to 17, these girls have style.  From tutus to pants and accessories, they know their fashion!  The Beauty of S.T.E.M Makers Fashion Show on Thursday, August 20 was the culminating event for the Beauty of S.T.E.M Makers Institute, an 8-week workshop series from TekStart   Read more [...]

A Party at the Library? Yes! – Teen Summer Reading Celebration

Emma PauliniBy Emma Paulini — 11th Grade, Fox Chapel Area High School The library: a public space filled with books, resources, and knowledgeable librarians.  A place to learn and explore or simply relax.  A place to meet friends, old and new.  Throughout the summer months, Pittsburgh teens take part in the Teen Summer Reading program sponsored by Carnegie Libraries   Read more [...]

Comics Workshop Encourages Creativity

Dominic Lazzini 1By Dominic Lazzini - 10th Grade, South Fayette High School
A happy pig cannot be an artist. A sleepy tiger cannot be a chef. However, these odd combinations of animals in the workplace can be created in a cartoon, such as one created by artist Juan Fernandez in the Comics Creation Workshop. Read more [...]

Wilkinsburg Youth Reporters Attend “Community Conversations”

Kevin BlackwellIMG_0753By Kevin Blackwell - 10th Grade, Wilkinsburg High School and David Green - 10th Grade, Wilkinsburg High School
On Thursday, June 25, the Wilkinsburg community was brought together by Borough Councilwoman Marita Garrett at Eastridge Library for "Community Conversations." The Eastridge Library was once a church, but now it is used for community events.   Read more [...]

Wilkinsburg Youth Reporters Visit Village at Pennwood

Shawn StubbsIMG_0749By Shawn Stubbs - 11th Grade, Wilkinsburg High School and Brandon Parker - 10th Grade, Woodland Hills High School 
On Thursday, July 23, we visited the retirement community Village at Pennwood. We first met Ms. Kim. She was really nice, and she gave us pizza and drinks before she introduced us to some of the residents. The first resident we met was from New Jersey. She moved to Pittsburgh at the age of 12   Read more [...]

Creation and Innovation with Girls of Steel

Emma PauliniBy Emma Paulini - 11th Grade, Fox Chapel Area High School Imagine innovative, state-of-the-art technologies of present and future.  Some might envision the newest iPhone, others a life saving medical device, while others might imagine a superhuman — a robot.  How does this inventiveness begin?  Often, it can come about through the creator's exposure, education, and   Read more [...]

Youth Open Studio Helps Create Artistic Interest

Nico Chiodi 2By Nico Chiodi - 11th Grade, Homeschool
Walking through the tinted glass doors of Artists’ Image Resource (AIR) on the North Side, I was immediately greeted with an artistic scene. The white tables along the white walls were covered in a random layer of paint spots and pen marks. One young man, James, worked intently at his computer   Read more [...]

Teens Learn Video Game Basics from Schell Games

Malyk Johnson 1By Malyk Johnson - 12th Grade, Allderdice High School
Anyone who has ever played a video game has wondered what goes into making the colorful worlds on the screens in front of them. Some players, especially teens, have even aspired to one day make games of their own.   On Wednesday, August 12, Schell Games, a local video game developer known for their work   Read more [...]

Youth Heroes Assemble!

Dejah Burke 2By Dejah Burke - 10th Grade, Propel Braddock Hills High School Anyone can be a superhero. Not only are Batman and Superman heroes, but so are police, firemen, and doctors.  But what about children? Superheroes Assemble, a week-long program from Assemble Pittsburgh, teaches kids ages 6-8 that they can be superheroes.  With the help of two instructors, Angel and Fabienne   Read more [...]