Let’s Get Cookin’

By Grace Jin –  12th grade, North Allegheny Senior High School   On a sunny summer afternoon at the Garfield community park, you may have heard sounds of laughter coming from the campers of Harvest and Create. From adventures at the chicken house to lessons about agriculture, an urban farm provides unique opportunities for 8-12 year old campers to get away from the city and experience nature. This 2-week summer camp, sponsored by Union Project, Garfield Community Farm, and Food Revolution Read more [...]

Local Students Storm Harrisburg for After School Advocacy Day

By Zainab Adisa - Pittsburgh CAPA May 5th. When many people hear this date they think of the Mexican American holiday, Cinco de Mayo: a recognition of their pride, honor and ethnicity. However, on May 5, 2015, local students from Pittsburgh and surrounding areas went to the state capital to recognize their participation and pride in after school programs. Read more [...]

Startup Weekend Education – Pittsburgh

By Nico Chiodi - 11th grade, Homeschool  Hosted in the Pittsburgh Environmental Charter School, Startup Weekend Education Pittsburgh (SWedu for short) lasted the whole weekend of February 20th-22nd. I arrived 4:00 on Sunday, in time to witness everyone who had participated in the weekend join together in the main meeting hall and strike up conversations with each other. SWedu is a weekend event created to give young entrepreneurs a chance to present their business ideas, get developers and Read more [...]

Pittsburgh’s Record-Breaking Day

  June 23, 2014- Gymnasts from all around the Pittsburgh area came together to break a world record!  735 gymnasts arrived at the Roberto Clemente Bridge on the North Shore to simultaneously cartwheel into the Guinness Book of World Records to beat the record for most simultaneous cartwheels in one place.  The previous record was set on July 9, 2009 in the Netherlands with 482 participants. Of the 735 participants in today's event, one gymnast was met with cheers and excitement.  2012 Read more [...]

The European Union in Great Britain

What we can learn from our friends across the sea by Abby Eberts The European Union is the combination of twenty-seven nations in Europe, bonding together to form an economic alliance. This bond has grown into something much larger than simply an economic one. The EU works much in the same way the American government does, providing funds, bonds, and grants to cities around Europe for regrowth. The European Union is divided has two subsets, the Eurozone and the rest of the nations. The nations Read more [...]

Remaking Cities

How can post industrial cities recover? by Abby Eberts America used to be an industrial powerhouse.  Today, our factories are empty, companies are leaving our nation for those overseas, and the prosperity of cities is declining.  Many post-industrial cities, such as Pittsburgh are in need of help.  However, there is not one simple solution to this ever-growing problem.  Post-industrial cities need to find a way to grow, to become prosperous again.  These cities can pursue this through Read more [...]

World Affairs: Joseph Leighton

By Elizabeth Vargo The polar vortex is back with a vengeance—such a vengeance that Jack Gerard’s flight from Washington to Pittsburgh was one of many cancelled this past week.  Gerard, President of the American Petroleum Institute, was scheduled to speak at a policy luncheon on “America’s Energy Choice” hosted by the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh.  Nonetheless, the winter weather didn’t keep Associate Director Joseph Leighton of the Pennsylvania division of API from stepping Read more [...]

General Michael Hayden Discusses the New Face of Espionage

by Wesley Swanson   Faisal Shazhad, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi: the names of these terrorist actors against the United States roll off the lips of native Pittsburgher General Michael Hayden as easily as the Steelers’ front four. On November 18, the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh hosted the former Director of both the CIA and NSA at a Duquesne Club policy discussion and luncheon entitled The John T. Ryan Memorial Lecture: Security, Privacy, Read more [...]

A Night To Remember: WGF Presents Documentary on Brazil’s Woman President

By Lily Oppenheimer To celebrate women globally making an impact, the Women and Girls Foundation hosted a fabulous introduction to the documentary premiere of Madame Presidenta: Why Not U.S.? The film documented Brazil’s new woman president, Dilma Rousseff, as her rise from jail torture and brutality to the presidency has inspired millions of women to fight for equal representation and equal rights. The film is sponsored by WGF and ELAS, and produced by Heather Arnet, Women and Girls Read more [...]

An Evening with Dr. Cyril Wecht

By: Dylan Shaffer A forensic pathologist. An attorney. A medical-legal consultant. These noble and esteemed positions do not refer to three separate individuals but rather one all-encompassing figure. The person of whom I speak is the world renowned Dr. Cyril Wecht. This past week, I had the pleasure and privilege of hearing Dr. Wecht speak at an event sponsored by the Whitehall Public Library at the Baldwin High School auditorium. Most notable for his criticism of the Warren Commission report, Read more [...]