Meet Grace

Grace DoerflerI'm very excited to write for Pittsburgh Youth Media this summer! I am looking forward to attending and reporting on some of the events happening around the city, enjoying the action and gaining experience as a youth reporter. Read more [...]

Meet Serena

IMG_1660 I'm excited about being a youth correspondent because journalism is an effective vehicle for social change. I've dedicated my voice and platform to bringing awareness to the injustices that are challenged by my favorite social justice issue: intersectional feminism.
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Meet Sydney

SydneyHonestly, I couldn't see myself doing anything else. A career in journalism is an admirable one, traveling the world and giving voice to everyday people. Although media is a public entity, being part of an interview feels intimate, almost private. A journalist is brave, inquisitive, and unafraid of what the world will throw at them. Read more [...]

Meet Emma

Emma-Use This OneI'm excited to be a Pittsburgh Youth Media reporter this summer! I love being able to learn more about events in our city and other topics and spread the news of these happenings. It's meaningful to work with and make connections with other people from across the area, both teen reporters and people we meet during reporting, as well as become officially published and share our voices. Read more [...]

Meet Kayla

IMG_2946I think journalism is really important because most of the time, social media, where you see most of the news is not always accurate so the world needs something that they know they can trust when everything else does not tell us the whole story. I am interested in journalism because you can do so many things with it, such as video, photography, and words. Journalism gives more than give information to the people, but also hope.

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Meet Shyam

Shyam NapalI'm very interested on writing reports of the things that is going around in Pittsburgh. Also I am very interested in writing, that why I want to learn to write about what's happening around Pittsburgh, or even what is going around the world. Read more [...]

Meet Emily

EmilyI am interested in being a Pittsburgh Youth Media Reporter because I love writing. I want to be a versatile writer so I think that being a reporter will help me get similar messages across in different and varied ways. I am also interesting in possibly producing a podcast and I think that the Youth Media Reporter program can help me with this. Read more [...]

Meet Zoe

IMG_0259A few months ago I had only vaguely heard of Pittsburgh Youth Media, but through the advice of my mentors and teachers, I decided to actually join the program this year. I am involved with my school, Baldwin High School’s, newspaper, the Purbalite, and so I also joined in hopes of expanding my journalistic opportunities and abilities. Read more [...]

Meet Alex

I am interested in being a PittsIMG_1598burgh Media Reporter because I like reading magazines and forms of news. Being a teenager, I watch a lot of podcasts and streams online and I was always intrigued in how to learn it. My sister also does this and she persuaded me to join her. Read more [...]

Meet Ciara

CiaraI'm interested in Youth Media because all the media that I see is either negative or from an adult's point of view that often times degrade or ignore youth voices on issues that directly affect youth. Read more [...]