Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training by Anna Ungarino

Did you know that this is the 40th consecutive year documented with above average temperatures, and that sixteen out of the seventeen hottest years on record have been these past sixteen years? This is just one of the things I learned at the Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps Training. Read more [...]

Climate Reality Corps Training Photo Story by Nick Guy

The Answers of Tomorrow, Today


By Matthew Miramontes- 12th Grade, Cornell High School

The Pittsburgh Maker Faire is a convention where makers of all age ranges, backgrounds, and talents come together to form “The greatest Show and Tell on Earth!” Pittsburgh Natives and non-residents travel from their workshops to the Pittsburgh Maker Faire to display their works and to try and change the world through the next great invention. Read more [...]

Summer Sixteen Concert Review

IMG_1598By Alex Wang- 9th Grade, Peters Township High School

When I first heard that Drake and Future were doing a joint tour in the summer at Consol Energy Center, I was extremely excited that two of the most popular rappers were touring together. I decided to buy tickets, even though I knew that the prices would be high and the wait time long.   Read more [...]

Teen Media Awards

Delaja Evans3

By Delaja Evans- 12th Grade, City Charter High School

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Main Branch hosted the Teen Media Awards on August 10, 2016. The purpose of the event was to present teens with awards that focused on their strengths in filmmaking, photography, screenwriting, 2D and 3D art, design, poetry, invention, music and more. Read more [...]

Teen Pregnancy

Alexis Benhart2

By Alexis Benhart-10th Grade, City Charter High School

A lot of young females think that having a child is easy. I know a couple of females that are teen parents, ranging in age from 14 all the way to 17. One of my friends that is a teen parent, who doesn't wish to have her name displayed for the public, has told me that it's hard.

Read more [...]

PPS Back-to-School Celebration

IMG_1584By Madison Arnette-10th Grade, Franklin Regional High School

Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) hosted their fourth annual Back-to-School celebration on August 22nd. The event was held at Lincoln Elementary School. School supplies and book bags were handed out and the kids could also get a haircut or get their nails done. Read more [...]


SamsonBy Samson Afolabi-11th Grade, Trinity Christian School

From Mount Olympus to Rio de Janeiro, the Olympics have a traveled a long way for a long time, and this year it did not disappoint. The 2016 Rio Olympics was a special and unique experience for all who attended, partook and watched. Read more [...]

Controversy of Olympic Proportions

SamsonBy Samson Afolabi-11th Grade, Trinity Christian School

It is time for that sporting event that happens every four years, and this year, it is the beautiful city of Rio de Janiero. The Olympics are a beautiful time of togetherness and truth, but this year was a little different. Read more [...]

Video Games: The Past vs. the Present

BySamson Samson Afolabi-11th Grade, Trinity Christian School

From Pac Man to Street Fighters to Halo, video games have been around for a long time and will not be leaving us anytime soon. There are different genres, remakes, and sequels of video games, as well as different eras of games. Read more [...]