Meet Ashley

By Ashley Priore- 11th Grade, The Ellis School


Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the concept of writing, and the impact it can have on yourself and the community.  I want to be a High School Youth Reporter because it is a dream come true being able to work first hand with other journalists.  I love to connect with the community and write stories that matter.  Writing gives people like you and me a voice to say what we believe is right, and as a Youth Reporter, I will report with care and determination.  When I think of journalism, I think of the times when I anxiously waited the next news show to be on the television.  I couldn’t wait to hear the latest breaking news and events happening in Pittsburgh and the world.  Most recently, I have fallen in love with poetry, allowing my connection with writing and journalism to grow even stronger.  I can’t wait to be a High School Youth Reporter because writing is not only something that I’m passionate about and want to major in, but it’s my life, my main focus, and my dream.  I’m excited to follow in the footsteps of my favorite authors and reporters to get my voice out in the world.


Ashley Priore is a rising junior at the Ellis School. She currently lives in Shadyside and has dreamed of becoming a journalist since she can remember. Ashley was a writer and editor for her school newspaper with other writing experience in the fields of nonfiction, fiction, and her favorite, poetry. She plays and teaches competitive chess with a goal of chess in the community for all, especially youth to enjoy. Ashley also enjoys reading and any leadership position. She’s excited to see what amazing opportunities are in store with PYM!

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