The Unthankful Giving

By Stephanie Wang – 11th Grade, Peters Township High School

There’s nothing wrong with the holiday of Thanksgiving.  You see your relatives, consider what you’re thankful about, and then you gouge yourself in turkey and stuffing.

Yet, after recounting what you’re thankful about at the dinner table with your family and friends, perhaps not even a few hours later, you’re fighting over apparel at Macy’s or a deal for the newest iPad at Best Buy. This year, some stores are even opening 6pm on Thanksgiving Day, and undoubtedly, there will be crowds camping out Best Buy or Walmart for a chance at one of the doorbusters.  Like anyone, I love a good deal (I always go straight to clearance at any store), but the fact that these deals often come with the ruining of traditions, the trampling of people, and the brutal fistfights is something I will never understand or condone. On Thanksgiving, what are you really giving thanks about– your friends and family or the deals you’ll get just a few hours later?

Stephanie Wang 2 Stephanie Wang, a junior at Peters Township High School, is an avid writer and food enthusiast. Her writing has been featured onThe Almanac’s Youth Page, and she is currently the editor of Business Funnel.

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