Op-Ed – The Perfect Cookie

By Stephanie Wang – 11th Grade, Peters Township High School
To be honest, I’ve never understood the massive hype of Oreos. Frankly, there’s really nothing special about them. The only redeeming quality of them is the rich, white center.  Growing up, I would always save the best for last– I would remove the creme from the cookie and eat all the creme at the end. While there certainly are quite a number of creative flavors, it just seems unnecessary and like a desperate ploy from Nabisco. The only cookies I even consider dunking in my milk are freshly-baked, homemade chocolate chip cookies. Just imagine: the chocolate glistening, the softness of the warm cookie as it melts in your mouth, the contrast between the cold milk and the hot cookie…

Really, just typing this makes me want to bake a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. Let’s be honest, Oreos pale in comparison to a chocolate chip cookie– the ultimate cookie to dunk in milk.

Stephanie Wang 2
Stephanie Wang, a junior at Peters Township High School, is an avid writer and food enthusiast. Her writing has been featured on The Almanac’s Youth Page, and she is currently the editor of Business Funnel.

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