Op-Ed – Thoughts on Seasons

By Stephanie Wang – 11th Grade, Peters Township High School

While I certainly do love summer break, my favorite season would definitely have to be fall. Leaves falling, sweater weather, pumpkin-spice everything– what isn’t there to love about fall? Winter’s too cold, and no amount of hot chocolate can make up for that. And spring is just way too rainy– flowers are great and all, but thunderstorms I could do without. Last but not least, summer is unbearably warm and I’d rather not lie in the heat for a “nice summer tan.” Only fall is that perfect mixture of all the seasons. It’s not too warm or cold, with moderate temperatures from the high sixties to the low fifties. Not to mention, the orange and red leaves are always a beautiful sight to behold. Most importantly, however, fall also includes my favorite holiday– Halloween. With Halloween comes clever costumes, a whole bunch of candy, and everything pumpkin. I’ll admit it, I’ve already forced my mom to buy three huge containers of canned pumpkin and baked four dozen pumpkin cookies (and probably pumpkin bread by the end of the week). I love everything pumpkin, and undoubtedly, I will be buying countless pumpkin-themed products before Halloween rolls around. I may have a slight pumpkin addiction, but one bite of my mom’s homemade pumpkin rolls will help you see why and conclude that fall indeed is the best season.

Stephanie Wang 2Stephanie Wang, a rising junior at Peters Township High School, is an avid writer and food enthusiast. Her writing has been featured on The Almanac’s Youth Page, and she is currently the editor of Business Funnel.

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