YMCA Westinghouse Lighthouse Project Performance at Three Rivers Arts Festival

 By Tracey Thomas

On June 8th, 2013, the YMCA Westinghouse Lighthouse Project music group (also known as Profound Myndz) performed five songs from their third album New Future.  Songs performed included Landmarks, I’ve Got YouBeen Through It All, Out With A Bang and Fun Nights.  The crowd was ecstatic and were clapping their hands and moving along to the beat. From little children to grown adults, everyone was enjoying the show. Profound Myndz was also having fun performing for the crowd.  A former student named Sahara also performed two of her own songs.

Landmarks was performed and written by the senior members of Lighthouse (a.k.a., Blow Ya Mynd) and the crowd was very in tune with the song’s expression of worries about the changes happening to Homewood. They listened to the song and, more importantly, seemed intent on understanding what the performers were trying to say to the audience through the song.

I’ve Got You was written and performed by first-time Lighthouse members Nisa and Demetrius. The audience was astonished by the voice of eighth grader Nisa and I’ve Got You was one of the two songs that really got a great response out of the audience.  Been Through It All came next and expressed struggles the performers have faced growing up. Out With A Bang was performed by two first-time Lighthouse members (eighth grade boys) who are also guitarists in the full band. Although the crowd started to dissipate, the remaining audience still enjoyed the songs.  The last song to be performed was Fun Nights, also performed by the senior members, and brought the crowd to life as they moved along to the beat.  After the performance, as Profound Myndz left the Three Rivers Festival to their transportation home, they set their goal for next year — the big stage at the Three Rivers Arts Festival.

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