Best of 2012 Summit

By Elianna Paljug, 10th Grade, Fox Chapel Area High School


The 1300 One Young World 2012 Summit delegates have attended many inspirational presentations and interactive sessions throughout their time in Pittsburgh. The delegates have shared that they are thrilled to have this opportunity, and each has a unique perspective on his or her favorite or most inspirational part so far and what they are most looking forward to in the days to come.

Kevin Rena Escoba named Jeremy Gilley, the creator of the Peace One Day documentary and worldwide initiative, as the most inspiring counselor so far at the One Young World Summit. A native of Bolivia, Escoba emphasized that the Peace One Day project is especially essential in his country. Conflict is constant in Bolivia, he admitted, with strikes happening in the cities nearly every day. He thinks that Peace One Day is very important to take the focus off of the global infatuation with making profit to care for the “simple things.” Escobar emphasized that as an economics student he is very inspired by Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank Founder and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and is looking forward to the next time he will speak. He has seen microcredit and banking through cell phones increase greatly in Bolivia and loves to hear the man behind these innovations.

A delegate from Pittsburgh, Jessica Brubach, was the most inspired by former President Bill Clinton and the passion with which he spoke. She also was intrigued by Jamie Oliver, health activist and TV chef personality. She described his “Food Revolution” session as very interesting because the issues “exist in the West and the developing world,” creating a perfect topic for an international summit. Brubach is looking forward to the Night Owl Session entitled “Wake Up Call,” which is organized by people who ran a similar global initiative at the last One Young World summit to urge leaders to take action.

Ethna Elizondo of Mexico, a returning Ambassador, has dreamt of coming to the United States since high school. Her favorite speaker so far was also Jamie Oliver. She was very impressed by the counselors of the Women Up Special Session, which included Fatima Bhutto, Carole Stone, Natalia Vodianova, Carolyn Miles, and Jessica Jackley, who all advocated the potential and power of women in our day and age. The plenary session on education was also captivating to her. She is really looking forward to the plenary session on health and hearing the diverse international input.

Delegate Sergio Garcia Prieto of Spain immediately named Muhammad Yunus’ speech at the Opening Ceremony as his favorite so far. He was also impressed by President Bill Clinton’s talk and the wide array of knowledge Clinton possesses in so many different fields. Musician and activist Bob Geldof’s historical backing to support his call to the delegates to “focus on this moment” was also very inspiring to him. He was most looking forward to Muhammad Yunus’ next speech to learn more about the concept of microcredit, which he believes is a great way to make the world a better place.

Yuliya Davidinko of Ukraine has dreamed of coming here to United States for a long time. Like others, she immediately named Muhammad Yunus as the most inspirational speaker so far. She was also fascinated by The Ex-Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Jan Peter Balkenende, and his focus on the long-term. She is most looking forward to the dinners at the homes of Pittsburgh residents on Saturday night, emphasizing that they show the true welcoming aspect of the city.

The members of the One Young World Summit have had an enlightening time at the summit so far, and are truly looking forward to the days to come!

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