Ahmad Affandi: One Young World 2012 Delegate from Indonesia

One Young World Profiles: Ahmad Affandi
By Taylor Cook
Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School

“I believe that everyone deserves education,” says Ahmad Affandi, a 21-year-old citizen of Indonesia.

Affandi, who is from a small village in the countryside of Indonesia, serves as a founder of two non-profit organizations and an English teacher at a deaf, mute, and down-syndrome school. As one of only six delegates chosen to speak during the education plenary session at the One Young World summit on Friday, Affandi hopes to promote education and equality through his non-profit organizations. His first foundation, Spectrum, was created to teach poor and disabled students English.

“This is a way for me to provide education for everyone,” he says. “Especially youth coming for the poorer level.”

Affandi teaches approximately 20 down-syndrome students and 30 deaf students through his foundation. Affandi describes his teaching method as “unique” because his lessons are interactive and he takes his students to different places to gain experience.

“With their impairments, it’s easy for people to treat them badly,” says Affandi. He hopes that his efforts to educate these children will allow them to be viewed as equals, and not less. “I believe that everyone, including those who have a different ability, deserve a good education.”

“[Education] has to be accessible for everyone,” Affandi says. He hopes he can have a voice for his country and help promote easy access to education and education equality.

Affandi’s second organization is focused on building interfaith harmony and anti-descrimination. “We are trying to teach people the meaning and importance of harmony and diversity.”

Affandi’s future plans include creating a “distance learning” program through his school and schools around the globe. His distance learning idea includes Skype calls between students from different countries so they can apply their language skills and “exchange cultures” without leaving the classroom.

Through his spirit, motivation, and education and equality efforts, Ahmad Affandi is a rising leader in Indonesia.

“Although the government has power, we, the youth, have a stronger–a bigger power, to make a change,” Affandi exclaims.

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