Summer Engineering Institute: An Unforgettable Experience

Stephanie Wang 2

By Stephanie Wang - 12th Grade, Peters Township High School

“The first week will drag, but the other three weeks will be over in a flash.” I was told this on one of the first days of the Summer Engineering Institute (SEI), a 4 week program hosted at Lehigh University designed to introduce students to the disciplines of engineering. Looking back now, I can affirm that statement to be completely true. Read more [...]

YUIR Makes a Difference in Teens’ Lives and the Community


By Serena Zets- 11th Grade, Pittsburgh CAPA

YUIR (Youth Undoing Institutional Racism) might be the most productive Pittsburgh activist coalition that you haven't heard of, but they're trying to change that through their newest campaign and advocacy work. Read more [...]

Four Nights of Fellowship and Fun

KatieBy Katie Knecht- 11th Grade, Oakland Catholic

The cars backed all the way down Chislett Street, and the 90 degree sweltering heat did not hinder the kick-off of St. Raphael’s annual bazaar on Thursday, August 11. The celebration started off as it normally does, with a parade around the neighborhood.   Read more [...]

Seven Guitars

IMG_1584By Madison Arnette-10th Grade, Franklin Regional High School

Despite the fact of the rain, a play was performed in the backyard of August Wilson's childhood home on Bedford Ave. in the Hill District.   Read more [...]

Stealing or Borrowing for Business


By Samson Afolabi-11th Grade, Trinity Christian School

In the tech world, whether it is apps, devices, or games, you can always see examples of inspiration and borrowing from the ideas of others. Businesses always take a little something here and there from other businesses. Read more [...]

Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company Hosts Historical Production of “Seven Guitars”


By Zoe Vongtau-11th Grade, Baldwin High School

All through the month of August, local Pittsburgh Playwrights Theater Company will produce Seven Guitars, a play written by local legend August Wilson. Read more [...]

Once Upon a Time, In a Land Not Too Far Away…

Emma-Use This OneBy Emma Paulini- 12th Grade, Fox Chapel Area High School

Since the beginning of time, young and old have enjoyed sharing and being delighted by tales.  Once a year in Pittsburgh, storytellers and listeners from all around the United States gather to celebrate the power of the spoken word at the Three Rivers Storytelling Festival.   Read more [...]

Pittsburgh Chinese Academy: Teaching Students Culture and Language

Stephanie Wang 2

By Stephanie Wang – 12th Grade, Peters Township High School

These days, there are a ton of opportunities to learn a new language, whether that be through YouTube videos, podcasts, or an online-based program like Rosetta Stone. However, a lot of these options lose one vital part of the language learning process: the personal aspect.

Read more [...]

The 2016 Coolidge Senators Leadership Summit

Stephanie Wang 2By Stephanie Wang – 12th Grade, Peters Township High School

As someone immensely interested in political science and economics, the Coolidge Senators Leadership Summit, a three-day all-expense paid trip from August 19th to August 21st in Washington D.C., was an experience I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.   Read more [...]

The PT Rowing Club: Rowing to Scholarships and Healthy Lifestyles

Stephanie Wang 2

By Stephanie Wang - 12th Grade, Peters Township High School

Believe it or not, the oldest intercollegiate sport is rowing, not football, as you might expect. It’s no surprise why rowing is so popular and durable of a sport. Read more [...]