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By Demarre Evans- 12th Grade, Central Catholic High School


Justifying Our Bull CoverOn August 7, 2016, I had the chance to interview the author of Justifying Our Bull, Darnell L. Ramsey. His book is about developing God-like character, something he feels is very important. A Pittsburgh native raised by a single mother in the Hill District, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting/Education from Lincoln University of Pennsylvania in a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He also served in the United States Navy.

Ramsey uses the letters in the word character to symbolize nine traits he feels are important to developing God-like character. Chapters include descriptions of each trait followed by a personal reflection the reader is encouraged to complete. The traits are identified as compassion, humility, accountability, responsibility, availability, contentment, trustworthiness, endurance and respectfulness. As Managing Partner of DRS & Associates, an organization that conducts professional development and life skills workshops, Ramsey is an inspirational and humble motivator, mentor and life coach. He attributes his success to his relationship with God and applying his core values in everything he does.
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Q: Your book, Justifying Our Bull, is about developing God-like character. Is there a specific life event that inspired you to write this book? If not, what was your inspiration?

A: No, just my journey in life. Throughout my forty-plus years of living, I realized how important it is to have good character.

Q: How was your childhood important to your journey and your developing what you call “God-like character”?

A: I think that my childhood is when I started to build the essence of my character. At this point in my life, I can say that the character that I developed in my childhood is the character that I have forty plus years later. Quote from the Justify Our Bull

Q: Do you feel that this book is one that everybody should read no matter what their age is?

A: Yes, however, I think that it takes a mature mind to really be able to start to see where improvements need to be made. I think you can read it in your elementary years, but that the reflection points at the end of each chapter may apply more to older people who want a chance to reflect on their journey. A younger person who is still early in their journey will not be able to complete those end-of-the-chapter activities.

Q: Why do you feel that it is more tailored to the more mature minds?

A: I think its just the maturation process itself.  As you go through life, you reach a certain point when you get to see if you have developed some of the character traits that I talk about in the book versus. If you are a ten-year-old,  you have less to compare since you have only been in life for ten years versus someone who is forty of fifty years of age.

Q: This being your first book, do you have any tips for aspiring writers?

A: It is hard for me to believe that I am even a published author. I would say that you should write from the heart. This book came strictly from the heart. I don’t really consider myself to be an author or a writer. This is just something that was on my heart to put out to the universe. I would say whatever is in your heart, listen to it.

More information on Justifying Our Bull his book as well as opportunities to bring Mr. Ramsey to a school or community event are available at the

Demarre Evans

Demarre Evans is a 12th Grader at Central Catholic High School. A resident of Penn Hills, he enjoys activities such as music, art and writing.

On August 7, 2016, I had the chance to interview the author of Justifying Our Bull, Darnell L. Ramsey. His book is about developing God-like character, something he feels is very important.

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