Foreign Policy Doesn’t Have to be a Foreign Language

By Erin Sheedy-11th Grade,Oakland Catholic High School

For some, the words “foreign policy” bring flashes of horrific images of AP Gov or boring lectures on the Cuban Missile Crisis. But honestly, being fluent in foreign policy doesn’t have to be difficult or boring, especially in an age where information is at our fingertips. Learning about your country’s- and even your own- view on what is happening in the world is of the utmost importance, for teenagers in particular because we are the future voters and leaders of our country. I had the amazing opportunity to interview the foreign policy advisor for the Hillary Clinton campaign, Laura Rosenberger, a Pittsburgh native, on Sunday, July 31st. She gave some great advice and insight into what a career in national security and foreign policy is like. You can listen to my phone interview with her below:

Laura Rosenberger
I also had the opportunity to attend the Hillary Clinton rally on Saturday, July 30th. It was my first political rally, and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. When my sister, dad and I arrived, the line was already wrapped around the three-block area twice! The crowd of Clinton supporters was very diverse and included men and women of all ages and ethnicities. Some people grumbled at the seemingly never-ending line, but we took it with a grain of salt and became acquainted with the people around us.

A group of three women nearby told us that they were voting for Hillary because she had shattered the glass ceiling and was a great female role model for their children. I heard many other positive comments about the former Secretary of State including her policies on healthcare, gun control, immigration, and the right to choose.

Of course, there was the occasional, “Anyone but Trump,” or “I really wanted to vote for Bernie”,” but on the whole, most people were genuinely excited at the possibility of Clinton as our next commander in chief. Supporters were decked out in their Clinton-Kaine gear, some wearing t-shirts, while others had “Hil Yes!” buttons. I even saw a young girl with a sparkly pink tee that said “future president”, of which I was pretty envious.

After hours of waiting in the hot sun, we finally made it inside the Convention Center. People were shouting and having fun, and there were some guest speakers from Pittsburgh, including John Fetterman, the mayor of Braddock. My favorite moment from the rally was when Fetterman brought his young daughter out and talked about why he was voting for Clinton, and how she can show his daughter that she could be a presidential candidate one day too.

What surprised me most about the rally was not the noise or the large crowd, but the unification of thousands of people, looking for a better tomorrow. They are hoping that we, as a country, can achieve that better tomorrow with Hillary Clinton as our president.


Erin Sheedy

Erin Sheedy is an 11th grader at Oakland Catholic High School and lives in Crafton. This is her first time reporting, but she is very excited to write for PYM. In her free time, she works at Hieber’s Pharmacy, volunteers, and plays lacrosse for her school.

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