Meet Sydney

By Sydney Brown- 12 Grade, Mount Lebanon High School

Honestly, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. A career in journalism is an admirable one, traveling the world and giving voice to everyday people. Although media is a public entity, being part of an interview feels intimate, almost private. A journalist is brave, inquisitive, and unafraid of what the world will throw at them. Journalism gives me the confidence to take on the masses and make sense of what our civilization is trying to tell us. Being a reporter is like being part of a team sport, I must collaborate with others for a common goal, but my skills have to grow in order to contribute to the world of information. Pittsburgh Youth Media is one way that my skills can grow. It also serves as a way to broadcast how much I have learned through my interviews and skill building sessions. I am passionate about this field and I am thankful that Pittsburgh Youth Media is an outlet for my passion!


Sydney Brown is arising senior at Mount Lebanon High School, lives in Mount Lebanon. She is editor for her schools newspaper, The Devil’s Advocate, and sings in her schools’ choir. Her favorite meal is fried chicken and waffles.

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