Meet Serena

By Serena Zets- 11th Grade, Pittsburgh CAPA

I’m excited about being a youth correspondent because journalism is an effective vehicle for social change. I’ve dedicated my voice and platform to bringing awareness to the injustices that are challenged by my favorite social justice issue: intersectional feminism. Intersectional feminism addresses every issue from economic inequality (i.e. the wage gap) to racism (ex. the rights of women of color); thus it impacts way more people than originally thought, including you and me.

I hope that PYM and Youth Express can help me bring attention to the ways that intersectional feminism, and other social issues, impact our city and its communities.


Serena Zets is a junior at Pittsburgh CAPA and resides in Squirrel Hill. She works as a freelance writer and her work has been featured in Youth Express, the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette and Sonic Blume Zine. When she isn’t writing, she’s probably baking or watching Gilmore Girls.

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