Meet Samson

By Samson Afolabi-11th Grade, Trinity Christian School

The world of journalism is an engaging and intriguing world, and by being a reporter, you can write about anything in your community, your state, or even the whole country and world. Even if you are interested in a different field other than journalism, like acting, software, or politics, you can write about it to the whole world, and everyone can see your insights into any topic you choose. This is why I am interested in the PYM program, because I can write about anything that intrigues me, and have people read about it. I might not even like to write, which is fine because the great thing about journalism is that I don’t have to write to report, but I can record audio, take videos, use photography, or anything else that can get the word out there. So, I hope to spread information about any events around me or anything that is interesting in the Pittsburgh area, through this PYM program.


Samson is an 11th grader at Trinity Christian School. He lives in North Braddock and has been on the Trinity School Newspaper Staff. He is interested in programming, and is seeking to major in cyber security and have a career in cryptology.

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