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By Delaja Evans- 12th Grade, City Charter High School

The thrill of being in a live event makes being a reporter interesting to me. Not live event as in being in a shooting or in front of a robbery, but being at festivals, musicals, or tournaments. Being a reporter can connect me with many different people who have the same interests as me. Being an artist it can be very difficult to find someone who enjoys painting at the park or taking pictures of random people. As a reporter, one can network with many others to get an insight on who they are and what makes them interesting.

Delaja Evans3

Delaja Evans is a 12th grader who attends City Charter High School. The Hill District is where she resides with 2 siblings and her mother. Delaja is a magnificent artist who enjoys photography, film editing, painting and more. She has experience with photoshop, adobe premiere, flash, and creative writing.

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