Meet Daphne

By Daphne Fetsko- 12th Grade, City Charter High School

Hi! I’m Daphne Fetsko and I am very excited to start working as a Youth Reporter for the Pittsburgh Youth Media program. The reason I decided to join this program is because I love journalism in various forms, especially in writing. I have a very strong interest in writing just about anything, and doing this program gives me the chance to write and report on events happening around Pittsburgh. Being a writer is one of my future career plans, so I am really excited to get this opportunity of experience in the field of journalism. This program also gives me the chance to get out of my comfort zone because I get very nervous doing interviews or presentations, and this program has already given me some practice in both of those things. I am very interested in what is happening around me in various different topics, so this program is a great way for me to expand my knowledge in the news field and in the journalism field.


Daphne Fetsko is a senior at City Charter High School in Pittsburgh. A resident of Bloomfield, Daphne has gotten much reading, media and writing experience in Pittsburgh at her high school. Part of her school’s Digital Media Club. Daphne has had strong experience in photoshop, premiere, and using different types of camera to film school events. She also takes honors in her history class, getting the chance to write blog posts about politics, world trade, and social media.

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