Meet Ciara

By Ciara Sing-11th Grade, Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12

I’m interested in Youth Media because all the media that I see is either negative or from an adult’s point of view that often times degrade or ignore youth voices on issues that directly affect youth.

This year is a very critical year both politically and socially, it’s important that everyone of all ages has direct access to the truth at all times in their area. Tension is at an all time high and I’m too exhausted to allow my voice and fellow youth voices to continue to be desensitized. I believe youth media will allow me the opportunity and the tools to speak my truth but aid in sharing many others.



Ciara Sing is a junior at Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12 and resides in The Northside. She has published in her school newspaper. She is the president of The Black Student Union at her school and loves to use writing to make social commentary.

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