My Biggest Accomplishment of all Time

By: Suzen Richardson – Propel Braddock Hills

Ever since I was a child I wanted to become a published author. I began to write little stories at first that started with stick figures in a sketch book without words. Then I moved on to forming poorly written short stories about my cat Chester on a lined piece of paper. I would write little notes about him, jump over the gate to my neighbor’s porch, place it in the mailbox, then wait for him to read it. I did this so often in a day that my mom actually had to tell me to stop before I overfilled the mailbox and use all the paper in the house.

After a while it became something more, a passion that still drives me today. Very recently I had written a poem called Resplendent Bone’s. It’s about the Frick Park I have grown up in, and how it’s the world that I would never want to leave. This very poem has become published on the Pittsburgh Poetry Houses page! I have accomplished one of my biggest dreams I have had since I was little. I still want to publish a book, but to have my poem out there in the world makes me feel like having a book published is possible. So to me, my poem being published is my biggest and most proud accomplishment of all


Suzen Richardson 2 Suzen Richardson is a 10th grader in Propel Braddock Hills High School and lives in Wilkinsburg. She has submitted writing pieces to organizations around Pittsburgh.  She loves photography, drawing, jewelry making, and creating stories.

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