My Chosen Superpower

Loren Perry – 9th Grade, West Allegheny High School

When initially asked this question, my mind went to several different places. Do I choose a power that would be humorous? Helpful? Magical? Selfish? There are countless options to choose from. However, I believe I have come to a final decision. My chosen superpower would be to refill things. Now I know, I know. You are probably thinking something along the lines of, “This girl is crazy!”, and yes, you would be right. I am a bit ‘out there’ perhaps, but fear not! Allow me to explain myself. If you possessed this most desirable power, you could solve about 99% of the world’s problems. Just think, if someone was filled with extreme hatred and began a war or simply killing individuals, I could easily fill their heart with love and happiness. If a family was experiencing hunger, I could fill their plates with as much food as they could ever want. When my gas tank is empty, I could simply fill it up! If an area was experiencing an extreme drought, I could fill up the clouds with water. Get the picture?


Loren Perry 1 Loren Perry is a freshman at West Allegheny High School.  She enjoys cheerleading, music, and writing.  In her free time, she volunteers at her local church as well as her library.

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