The Maiden


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By: Serena Zets – Pittsburgh CAPA

I am raw, structured of boulders, bones,

and bricks.  I was awaiting dissection by way

of unexposed genes,

garlands of beans, virginal generations,

Plath quotations,

and purity.


Veins rupture into the poppy fields

that adorn my braids. Knots become watermarked

mountains and fun homes.


I’d never seen love in nature

until I saw you.


You’re real and otherworldly,

one that is solely

constructed of each other’s

flesh as clean as peaches.


My throat reverberates

and aches with the feelings of gilded autumns gone by.

My chokes are soothed with your portraits

of winter carrots and turnips.


The linen that whisks around our skinned calves is

inappropriate for what envelopes us,


yet it reminds us that we are all that is good in this wrecked world.



Serena Zets Serena Zets is a sophomore at Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts High School. At CAPA, her discipline is literary arts where she received the opportunity to take part in an introductory journalism course. She is a resident of Squirrel Hill where she bakes, reads, and most importantly sleeps.

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