Empowerment Through Music

By Matthew Miramontes – 11th Grade, Cornell High School

Music is such a pivotal point in my life and just that one certain song can get you through the day. I have so many favorite songs and it really depends on what type of mood I am in, if I want something relaxing, then some Miles Davis or Don Harper might be the thing I look for. If I want something faster and more destructive, then I will go for a more punk style of music like “Trash Talk” or even old punk like “Minor Threat.” I could also look to hip-hop if I want some faster and energized music with artists like Run The Jewels, Vince Staples, or Earl Sweatshirt. They all bring in music that can get me through the day personally and make a mediocre day something to remember. I guess if I had to choose one song that was my favorite as of right now, I would actually cheat and pick a few just simply because it is too hard to narrow it down to a single choice. My first pick would be “Great Day Today” by Madvillain and “The Project” by Madlib and MF DOOM. This is just a simple song and has that relaxed feel, but with strong lyrics and chord progression it makes an amazing combination. The next would be “Crib Tax” by Wiki on his solo mixtape Lil Me. It brings light to what growing up is like in what some would call a “cold world” in New York. Wiki delivers over flowing synths chords and the track is overall just a fun experience. The last song I would pick has to be “Rock n’ Roll Suicide” by the man himself, David Bowie. David Bowie has always been a benchmark in my life and this song is a testament to that. When the first drum roll comes in following the saxophone, its just something I cannot describe. It is a song that makes every emotion flood in and if you have never heard the song then that has to change. The best thing to do is keep an open mind to new music and give artists a chance, it will change your life.

Matthew Miramontes 1 Matthew Ryan Miramontes is an 11th grader in Cornell High School.  He resides in Neville Island.  Matthew writes for his school newspaper and wants to write as a journalist for a major magazine one day.  He is interested in music and movies.

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