Adults Just Don’t Understand

By: Mirjana Hutnik – Peters Township High School

As a teenager, I feel pretty misunderstood just about all the time. It often feels like no one gets me, but at the same time it feels as if no one really cares if they “get me” or not. I experience this at least once every few hours, from teachers assigning homework on the weekend and not understanding that no one wants to do it, or that my friends will just never understand me or what I’m going through at the time. That’s probably right. People trying to define me can be hard, especially when I don’t even know what I want to be defined as.  I feel alienated at school sometimes, but I feel like no one at home can figure me out either. I feel this way when something is done or chosen for me. I hate when adults choose something for me thinking it’s what I want. I like to make my own choices even when it’s a minor issue. I just feel like if I’m the one who will have to suffer the consequences from my decisions, I should be free to make my own choices. That’s when I feel misunderstood the most by adults, when they choose something for me and don’t acknowledge that I am capable of thinking for myself. Whenever I feel misunderstood whether it is at school or home; I remember that I still haven’t figured myself out yet, so I can’t expect others to.

Mirjana Hutnik Mirjana Hutnik is a freshman at Peters Township High School.  She likes to play softball, travel, watch Netflix & hang out with friends.

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