By Suzen Richardson – 10th Grade, Propel Braddock Hills High School

Thanksgiving is just one of the many Holidays that my family celebrates  at one of our grandparents’ houses.  We bring homemade food, stories, and our families.  We all talk in the living room about things that have happened since the last time we spoke, play with the cousins, create crafts, and play outside till it becomes dark.

When dinner is ready, we go into the kitchen, my mother’s side of the family is religious so we usually say thanks and then we all eat.  During the meal, we talk about how amazing the food is, ask where they bought the ingredients, and talk about funny stories we might have heard before but are still extremely funny. After the mother’s, grandmother’s, and great grandfather talk while the fathers and grandfathers talk about hunting, the kids usually go to the basement to sit by the fireplace or craft. It’s always an eventful night of laughter and stories. So I am looking forward to this year’s Thanksgiving.

Suzen Richardson 2 Suzen Richardson is a 10th grader in Propel Braddock Hills High School and lives in Wilkinsburg. She has submitted writing pieces to organizations around Pittsburgh.  She loves photography, drawing, jewelry making, and creating stories.

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