Where’s the Me in Social Media?

By Maura Sheedy – 12th Grade, Oakland Catholic High School

On twitter, I try to be the funny person I’m not, but it usually backfires

I tried vsco for a while, but I think I went overboard with filters and fake candids.

I catch up with my extended family on Facebook more than real life

I reblog things on tumblr with sole hopes of being reblogged

Pinterest is fun on a rainy day, only until I remember that my followers probably

don’t want to see another recipe post

I don’t have enough time to scroll through the posts of my 600 plus “friends” on


I’m convinced Snapchat is only good for concerts, geofilters, and making me feel bad

for being home on a Saturday night

It’s social MEdia, but it sure doesn’t feel like the real me.

Sometimes I have a desire to subtweet everyone on how I really feel about their

wannabee-twitter-famous tweets.

I’d rather use my vsco to post pictures of my cat than another sunset.

Facebook would be fun if it was socially acceptable to like every last one of my

favorite books, restaurants, and interests

I could use my tumblr as a real blog- complete with my wishes, goals, and rants

My pinterest account would be an explosion of glitter, basic quotes, and quirky


I would be way less generous with my double-tapping on Instagram

Because I wouldn’t care about what everyone else was doing, my snapchat would be

permanently deleted.

I’m not @maur.velous or earth-to-maurs or maurs.vsco. I’m Maura- and that’s the

real me.

Maura Sheedy 1Maura Sheedy is a senior at Oakland Catholic High School who lives in Thornburg.  She previously has been a part of Young Writers Institute.  She considers random things she has seen on the Internet to be her muse for her writing. She enjoys lacrosse, cheer, dance, and blogging.

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