How My Life Changed.

By Suzen Richardson – 10th Grade, Propel Braddock Hills High School

In all of my elementary years I had been the girl in the group who rarely talked to anyone.  I would just draw and keep to myself for I did not feel that I belonged in school, or the group of friends I kept switching to.  I was too weird, too quiet, too different.  Sometimes I felt as if they were picking on me so I would switch to another group.  I continued to do this until sixth grade, when I met a group of kids over the years and we all just formed our own group.  Sure they were nice, but I did not really talk to them for I still did not feel that I belonged.

One day in winter right as the fall air started to turn, a new student joined our grade. She did not talk to anyone, just sat in her chair at the table across from me and my friend.  The new girl looked a bit out of place as kids continued to run to her and ask her if they wanted to be friends, if she wanted to join their group of friends, or who she liked better.  I tried to figure out the best way to introduce her to a new school for I know what it’s like to feel out of place and overwhelmed.  So when they had left her alone I walked over and said “Welcome to our school, I’m Suzen. I hope you like it here.” She thanked me, I told her “If you ever had questions about the school, or just want to hang out with some people you can always hang out with the people I know.” and I left it at that, she then went to her next class.  Later that day she had almost every class with me so she hung around.  At first we did not talk much, by eighth grade we had become best friends, for once I felt as if I actually fit in.

We always hung out in school, talked about art, anime, video games, and ran from our scary friends when we accidentally said something wrong.  If I had not said hello to her in sixth grade, I would still be the silent one. That day changed my life for the better.

Suzen Richardson 2  Suzen Richardson is a 10th grader in Propel Braddock Hills High School and lives in Wilkinsburg. She has submitted writing pieces to organizations around Pittsburgh.  She loves photography, drawing, jewelry making, and creating stories.

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