The Best Thing to Make

Mirjana Hutnik – 9th Grade, Peters Township High School

When I think about what I love to make I think about what I have made; memories. There are so many that I have already made and so many more I want to make. From the first one I had to the last one, I want to make them all count. Whether it’s a night spent with friends relaxing watching a movie, playing your favorite sport or activity, or a night out, it doesn’t matter.  Every day is a possibility to make new memories that should not be wasted.  Some are better than others but none are more important or special than others.  Each one affects you and your lifestyle in some aspect for better or worse.  The most appealing aspect of all this to me is the mystery of which one will be next.  There is absolutely no way to know what it will be. That is why you have to go and make them.  For me, I want to make as many as I possibly can from the cheerful, exhilarating, impulsive,wonderful ones to the lousy, horrible, terrible ones.  They all count.  The other great thing about memories is that they never leave you.  Materialistic things will come and go and at some point will just disappear. The memories you have made never disappear.  Once you make them they are yours for life.  You can share them and exchange your favorites but no one can ever take or steal them. People can have the same experiences but have completely different perspectives from the recollection. Each one is unique to the individual.  Each one is slightly different from the next.  That’s the beauty of it all.

Mirjana Hutnik

Mirjana Hutnik is a freshman at Peters Township High School.  She likes to play softball, travel, watch Netflix & hang out with friends.

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