Op-Ed – (Almond) Milk’s Favorite Cookie

By Maura Sheedy – 12th Grade, Oakland Catholic High School

Although I’ve only been a vegan for three months, I am very passionate about choosing food that is ethically and environmentally friendly. Before I was opened up to the vegan lifestyle, I believed, like many other people, any food that fit this description was the stereotypical vegan diet of solely fruits and vegetables. Fortunately this is not the case today! As veganism becomes more popular, all kinds of alternative food products have become available that are vegan friendly; ranging from vegan ice cream to vegan pizza to vegan “chicken” strips. However, there are some accidentally vegan products available too. One of these is the classic, tired-and true, favorite American dessert: Oreos.  As much as I love eating healthy, there are days when even a vegan wants a treat. I give major ode to Oreos for their ability to make any day a little sweeter on the best and worst days. Oreos may be a vegan’s favorite cookie, but what about the milk? Never fear – a vegan may enjoy their iconic crème-filled sandwich cookies with a big glass of almond, soy, or coconut milk to dip. The American favorite is now a vegan one, too!

P.S. I’m all for dipping Oreos in milk, but my ultimate favorite is dipping Oreos in peanut butter (inspired by the Parent Trap movie).

Maura Sheedy 1Maura Sheedy is a senior at Oakland Catholic High School who lives in Thornburg.  She previously has been a part of Young Writers Institute.  She considers random things she has seen on the Internet to be her muse for her writing. She enjoys lacrosse, cheer, dance, and blogging.

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