Op-Ed – Thoughts on Seasons

By Tyler Baum – 12th Grade, K12 International Academy

When it comes to selecting my favorite season, I am faced with a complex, personal impasse.  Personally, I revel in the months of October through January, making it utterly confounding to choose my most cherished season.  Despite this difficult decision, I customarily proclaim winter as my favorite season, as a result of my fondness for snow, passion for skiing, and penchant for cold weather.  One of my favorite features of winter is its prolonged darkness and shortened daylight, as well as its ensconcing blankets of snow, as I feel more inclined to succeed academically while enduring such conditions.  However, I thoroughly enjoy autumn, by cause of my joy in the fashion throughout these months, preview of winter cold fronts, and unbelievably family-oriented and picturesque atmosphere.  Furthermore, Autumn’s electrifying ambience never fails to brighten my disposition and enlighten my mind, in all aspects of facets of daily life.  Considering the aforementioned, I prefer to consider the months of October through January my favorite time of year, rather than choosing one favorite season.

Tyler Baum 1 Tyler Baum is a rising senior at the K12 International Academy and is an active contributor to the iGlobe Newspaper.  He hails from Irwin, PA and plays travel ice hockey and baseball, skis, and enjoys history and visiting national parks.  He lives with a host family in the Washington, D.C. metro area to play ice hockey.

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