Op-Ed – Thoughts On The American Dream

By Maura Sheedy – 12th Grade, Oakland Catholic High School

The American Dream brings about images of white picket fences and 2.5 kids. The iconic imagery, fortunately, has gone away, but the true essence of the American Dream is one aspect that also has unfortunately disappeared. But really, was there ever a time when everyone has the same opportunities regardless of social class, race, or religion in America? I would like to believe yes, but I don’t feel like the American dream ever existed. If it did, why do we have incidents such as the Michael Brown shooting? Or why haven’t we had a female president? We can only keep on dreaming that someday things will be different.

Maura Sheedy 1 Maura Sheedy is a senior at Oakland Catholic High School who lives in Thornburg.  She previously has been a part of Young Writers Institute.  She considers random things she has seen on the Internet to be her muse for her writing. She enjoys lacrosse, cheer, dance, and blogging.

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