Op-Ed – Thoughts On The American Dream

By Matthew Miramontes – 11th Grade, Cornell High School

The American Dream to me has always been to never settle and to always struggle to better yourself. America is a giant country, but the American Dream can be achieved outside of American soil. The world can be your American Dream and it is possible to say maybe moving to another country to establish yourself better can be your dream. The world is at your finger tips and it’s all up to what you want to make it. I want to be a musician/journalist and I strive for that every day. I can do this anywhere, but living in America taught me that I can do what I want, when I want. I’m never crushed under rules or regulations, if you want it so bad you can have it. Hard work and the sweat of your brow pays off in the end, and no one ever got something just for being there. You put work in and you get work out, that’s what the American Dream is to me. It’s a symbol of free will and the ability to strive to better yourself in the long run. Everyone loves that feeling of being something, all you have to do is find what that is and do it. The American Dream should inspire everyone around the world to do better, I think it could be called just The Dream of The People instead.

Matthew Miramontes 1 Matthew Ryan Miramontes is an 11th grader in Cornell High School.  He resides in Neville Island.  Matthew writes for his school newspaper and wants to write as a journalist for a major magazine one day.  He is interested in music and movies.

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