A Night To Remember: WGF Presents Documentary on Brazil’s Woman President

By Lily Oppenheimer

To celebrate women globally making an impact, the Women and Girls Foundation hosted a fabulous introduction to the documentary premiere of Madame Presidenta: Why Not U.S.? The film documented Brazil’s new woman president, Dilma Rousseff, as her rise from jail torture and brutality to the presidency has inspired millions of women to fight for equal representation and equal rights. The film is sponsored by WGF and ELAS, and produced by Heather Arnet, Women and Girls Foundation CEO, and Veronica Marques, ELAS Co-Executive Director. The film brought to life generations of struggle for women to remain empowered in heart and mind, and will premiere in March 2014 on Pittsburgh’s WQED, at the Carnegie Museum of Art, and will be greatly received at the Femina Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro.

The world wastes most of a generation when women are left behind their brothers and husbands. The steps taken by organizations such as WGF and ELAS are as powerful as Brazil’s first female ballot ticket. This global goal has never been more in motion for the women of the world, the warriors of the world, and the females hungry for power.

The photos represent a cultural appreciation for women and a desire to develop policies and opportunities to promote women’s equality. WGF hosted Brazilian Samba Dancers, drummers, and multiple women honorees who are considered to locally have a tremendous global impact.

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