By Dylan Shaffer (Senior, Elizabeth Forward High School), Eva Shinavski (Junior, Elizabeth Forward High School) and Maille O’Toole (Sophomore, Peters Township High School) 

Expectations are a normal part of everyday life. You expect there to be a tomorrow, right? Now take the perspective out a little further. You expect the Steelers to play well. You expect vacation to be relaxing.

Whether completely or partially accurate, expectations prepare us for the future. However, expectations can get in the way of how we experience new sights and wonders.

For cities, outside expectations and perspectives play an important role in urban growth. If everyone expects a city to be a dirty, crime-filled rustbelt town, who would wish to travel there? Who would wish to live or establish businesses in that city?  It therefore becomes critical to understand these perceptions as well as if they are true.

We asked Remaking Cities Congress 2013 delegates to share their thoughts on the effects of outside expectations and perspectives on urban growth as well as the impact of inaccurate perceptions.

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