Pgh Youth Media Covers Hive Days of Summer

When One Young World 2012 came to Pittsburgh last fall, Pittsburgh Youth Media was ready.  And when The Sprout Fund announced that the new Hive Pittsburgh initiative would kick-off of with Hive Days of Summer at The Andy Warhol Museum on May 3rd, our trained reporters were able to hit the ground running and cover this inaugural event.

What’s Hive Pittsburgh?  It’s a new program funded by a grant from The MacArthur Foundation to support connected learning experiences in the Greater Pittsburgh region that help prepare tweens, teens, and young adults for college, the workforce, and civic participation.  There are only two other “Hive cities” in the U.S. — New York and Chicago.  Pittsburghers should be proud of having earned the distinction of being the third Hive city because it is based on our nationally-known reputation for connected learning.  Hive Pittsburgh programs happen in schools, museums, libraries, afterschool programs, community centers, and on the web.  Hive Pittsburgh is a program of  The Sprout Fund and part of the Pittsburgh Kids+Creativity Network.

The premise for Hive Days of Summer is simple:  Pittsburgh knows that  teens are reinventing summer learning throughout the region. They’re invading museums, taking over parks, hacking the web, turning libraries inside out, making their own spaces, and energizing life in their communities. From May to August, Hive Pittsburgh will partner with projects and organizations working to remake learning in the Pittsburgh region by hosting dozens events and drawing thousands of youth and families from across Allegheny County to channel their energy and enthusiasm and illuminating the most awesome opportunities our region provides.

As with One Young World, Pittsburgh Youth Media will provide coverage of Hive Pittsburgh events throughout the summer.


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