L’Esprit d’Un Monde Jeune (The Spirit of One Young World)

Wynonna Rinkacs, Senior, Oakland Catholic High School

“All young leaders should participate at least one time at the Young World Summit. It’s an encounter that opens the mind. One realizes that there is at least one youth in each part of the world who shares our struggle.”


This quote from a Gabonese delegate emodies the spirit of the One Young World 2012 Summit. 


  • EPaljug

    I love this! It truly shows the true international backbone of OYW, which might not be emphasized given the majority of formal communication through English during the conference. I’m so glad you got this picture!

    25 Oct
  • Sophie Belch

    Hey this is beautiful! I saw this on the wall and tried to take a pic with my phone, but it didn’t turn out great. So inspriational, et j’adore le francais beaucoup!

    3 Nov

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