One Young World, 183 Different Countries

By Elianna Paljug, Sophmore, Fox Chapel Area High School

Amid a world of constant conflict, social unrest, and economic uncertainty, One Young World 2012 Summit delegates come together to create change when it comes to the issues of human rights, global health, transparency, the role of global business, education, leadership and governance, and sustainable development.

At the Summit, delegates grapple with each of these issues, and attempt to agree upon a single “pledge” which was written by past delegates. After each topic has been discussed by counselors and delegates in great detail, the delegates vote for or against the pledge, which state that they will take the initiative to make a difference within the given topic. At this year’s education session, delegates pledged “to take personal responsibility for improving literacy in our communities.”

Is it even possible to agree upon one pledge that unifies 1,300 different delegates from 183 different countries in these complex areas?

According to the delegates, the firm collective answer is yes.

Natasa Kurucki, a delegate of Serbia, stressed that although a session may produce one objective of a discussion, different systems will be utilized in each community, because they are different societies.

Like Kurucki, delegate Sergio Garcia Prieto of Spain believes that in all sectors, whether it be education, the private sector, or government, the ways to solve a problem are different everywhere you go. He stressed that the One Young World may present “one solution, but there are many different ways to do it.”

Berkay Akcora, of Tarsus/Turkey, stated that “diversity is what makes it stronger.” The solutions that are created at One Young World are unique because they incorporate diverse perspectives. He stated that in terms of international conflict, the “problems are between the governments, not the public.” He passionately believes the public has the power to collaborate and make solutions that work.

One Young World delegates agree that even though there are 183 different countries that were represented by 1300 different delegates in attendance at the summit, it is still possible to come to a consensus that it is necessary to make a change. With diversity and passion supporting all their efforts, members of the One Young World summit truly will make a difference.

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  • Debra

    I am sure, Elianna, that you will make a difference. Your intelligence, passion, and interest make the perfect combination to help society. What an opportunity! I want to hear more about it!

    23 Oct

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