Delegate Dinner At Assemble

I was given the opportunity to attend the delegate dinner at Assemble, a creative outlet center located in Garfield. This turned out to be a very interesting dinner which included many children, locals, and board members of Assemble. Many conversations were sparked between delegates and the youth reporters. One in particular was One Young World delegate Sinan Hasaan who bonded with the children and some locals by showing them how to write their names in Arabic. The paper they were writing on was able to be hung on the wall for display inside.
The food selection at this dinner was also interesting. All the food was vegan and vegetarian. Many of the delegates expressed how they had never before tried anything vegan or vegetarian. Accompanied with vitamin water, cider, and alcohol, the dinner was very nice. Although many of the delegates chose to leave early by cab, a few decided to stay. These few included Dave Schikora and Sinan Hasaan in company with myself and two other youth reporters. With the remainder of the guests, we began a conversation circle introducing ourselves and saying where we were from. Also we were asked why we chose to attend the One Young World Summit, who we worked for, or what business we ran. This proved to be a good way to make conversation. Common ground found between the delegates and the youth media was that each of us spoke German, some for more years than others. Business cards were exchanged between delegates, youth reporters, and even some of the locals. This dinner was a wonderful and fun experience for each of us who stayed the entire time as well as those who attended but left early.

Dreya Green

Grade; 12

Mckeesport Area High School

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