Delegate Goals and Gains

By: Maddie Adamczyk, Junior, Hampton High School

From the start of the One Young World 2012 Summit until the closing ceremonies, young delegates from 183 countries worldwide will share ideas about some of the most pressing global issues. This is a chance for their voices to be heard and their leadership skills to be displayed. With many delegates coming from technological and business backgrounds, they are well aware of the problems facing the next generation and are willing to take initiative to try to create positive changes to enhance businesses and communities in their respective countries.

Zafarbek Sulaimanov of Kyrgyzstan is one of those delegates. His fresh enthusiasm and dedication to hard work will be his biggest contribution to the Summit and his One Young World community. He is looking forward to presenting his ideas and sharing his positive attitude with other delegates. He has lived in America for four years but is loyal to his country. He hopes that one day he will share with his country’s leaders the new ideas learned in the Summit’s breakouts, plenary sessions, and keynote addresses. He is reminded of advice of a wise mentor who once told him, “You can have millions and millions of ideas, but the most important thing is to learn ways to implement those ideas.” Zafarbek has many good ideas but struggles when figuring out how to implement them. He hopes that the summit will inspire him with practical ideas for future changes.

Another delegate, David Lofton from Dallas, Texas, shares similar goals and ambitions for the Summit. He hopes to use his problem-solving skills in working with other delegates on difficult issues. He now recognizes that the United States has a very limited view of the world and believes that Americans are often not aware of some of the challenges that face our world. He aspires to abolish some of that ignorance by learning as much as he can through the eyes of other delegates.

Matt Bremner and Hannah Ayers are representing the British Telecom Company, which isone of the largest telecommunications companies in the world with operations in over 170 countries. Through its Global Services division, it is a major supplier of telecoms services to corporate and government customers worldwide. Both agreed that because their company serves so many people around the world, they can reach people directly and make a difference by encouraging those interested in starting their own in their businesses. With skills in engineering, security, and so much more, these two delegates are looking forward to making an impact in their company after this summit.

Bringing their ideas and skills to use, delegates like Zafarbek, David, Matt, and Hannah are ready to accept the challenges facing young leaders committed to increasing prosperity and the well-being of people around the world.

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