PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania

It’s a unique experience for teenagers to photograph international figures like President Bill Clinton, Joss Stone, David Jones, and Muhammed Yunus.  Given the opportunity to use my camera to document the One Young World 2012 Summit, I only hope that my photos can do it justice.  Stepping onto the convention floor surrounded by photographers of different races, languages, and personal beliefs is something that not many people have had the opportunity to experience, but if I’ve learned one thing it is that photographs are universal.  No matter the continent, country, region, town, or family you are from, all people can appreciate that moment in time captured by a photograph. It’s my humble hope that my photographs can simply document this summit and spark an interest of people around the world. The main goal of this summit is to inspire people to take action.  I know that myself and the other people in attendance have been inspired to take action to solve the major problems of our world because, as Muhammed Yunus said at the opening ceremony, “Let’s make it happen. It’s possible.  Let’s create that world.”

Christian Snyder, Sophomore, Riverview High School

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