Making Noises

By Vimbai Martin, Junior, The Ellis School

You’ve got the words to change a nation- Emeli Sande

The phrase above is a line from Emeli Sande’s song, “Read All About It.” I believe it is absolutely, undoubtedly true – music is a universal language. During her very inspirational speech, Joss Stone discussed how she “makes noises that people happened to like” and influence them to do something great.

Stone was asked what inspires and motivates her to write music. Her response was that her motivation can come from anything, anyone, and changes every single day. As for her inspiration, it’s a movement like One Young World that drives her make to something with value.

Making noises is what every person at One Young World doing right now. Music is an outlet people use all the time, and for Stone, her noise is heard by people globally. Stone finds that problems such as poverty and low education rates are equally important, and it’s just a matter of “which ones should be tackled and which ones inspire us personally.”

Music to Stone is her own happiness; it is not just her own “noise.” Music has the ability to break down the barriers of people who might have not have listened another way; it’s the way the entire world is able to understand one another, without any limitations. Music is inspirational to everybody and it depends on the situation, but in the case of One Young World it’s all the same.

Everybody’s goal is make a change that matters to at least one person. Everybody have words that can change a nation – it just depends on whether or not you decide to use them. In Sande’s and Stone’s case, they do it through music. 

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